Hi, I’m Sharon, let me introduce myself:

I was born into a Christian family, I am married to Ken and we have 3 children. I trained as a secondary teacher and loved working with students. Then when I had children, I enjoyed my life at home with them. However, in 1993 I suddenly became unwell and continued to deteriorate for the next 10 years. The doctors suspected food allergies. But by the end of 2002, I had lost all hope. I had seen all the specialists in many different fields and none had been able to offer any suggestions as to why my body would no longer tolerate food. I could not find God in this place and finally just about gave up.

In one last desperate grasp for life, I agreed to attend Counselling at Crossway Baptist Church. In my first appointment, the Counsellor asked me to look for a picture of my heart. I had never heard of such a thing before. But I did look and actually saw something. From there I was taught how to hear from God, and then we began to unpack why my body would no longer tolerate food. Jesus kept on showing up in the most unexpected of places. That year, after pressing into God in an incredibly deep way, my problems with food began to heal. I started to gain strength and thought that it was all over now and I could go back to “normal” life, but I was mistaken. That was just the beginning of unpacking all the things that had been going on in my life. I took every step with Jesus, inviting Him in at every turn, and I have continued to heal.

Thus began my adventures with Jesus!

Our family worships at Yarra Valley Vineyard, Lilydale, Victoria, Australia.



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