Babies and soft toys

by Sharon

We had an incredible time together last Saturday as we soaked our wombtime experience with more of the presence of Jesus.  It is through our five senses that we take in wounding.  It is also through our five senses that we heal.  So the retreat was very much about encountering Jesus through our five senses.  We had Susan Highleyman sing over us.  The prayer team laid hands on us.  We took a soft toy lion and lamb with us as we soaked under the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  We invited Jesus to be present with us as the Lion when we needed to be protected, and as the Lamb when we needed to be comforted.  We also had bunny rugs to touch whilst Jesus was receiving us at birth and wrapping us up in His strong arms of love.  Thank You Lord for encountering us so intimately in the womb!


March 26, 2016

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