by Sharon

The pain continued to roll over me like tidal waves.  It threatened to overwhelm me once more as I realized that I had been conceived in a spiritual atmosphere of death.  Death had been present as my very cells grew and divided, as my body was forming and growing.  It had laid a trap for me that I was now living out of in my adult years.  It had used my mother’s previous miscarriage to gain entrance to her womb and then lain in wait for me, silent and hidden.  Then when I had come along, it had set to work sowing its seeds of darkness into my heart.  I was devastated by the enormity of it all!

John 10:10  A thief has only one thing in mind – he wants to steal, kill and destroy.  But My desire is to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect – life in its fullness until you overflow!



March 11, 2016

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