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Downloads for Carl W. Anderson

Carl Anderson has been a guest speaker at Triple Heart Ministries over recent years.  Listed below are some of his lectures given at our One Day Retreats.  For more information about Carl, visit his website at www.borntoblaze.org

Aslan Is On The Move!

Carl offers us a prologue to the book of Revelation through his exposition of Revelation 1.  In Revelation 1:3 a blessing is promised to those who read the book and understand it.  The book is addressed to the church and its message is Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah, or as C.S. Lewis puts it, the lion Aslan.  It is a book of symbols in motion which Carl unpacks with great skill and clarity.

Open File  (MP3 - 42.5 MB, 46:28 mins)

Jesus The Liberator (A Healing Service)

Carl presents Jesus Christ as a man of action who comes to liberate nature and creation; the soul and the spirit; and the body.  Carl follows Jesus through the Gospel of Mark, highlighting how Jesus practically demonstrated liberation in all these three areas.  The good news is that Jesus continues to liberate today!

Open File  (MP3 - 41.6 MB, 45:29 mins)

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Kingdom Authority & Kingdom Power (A Healing Service)

In His ministry here on earth, Jesus demonstrated both kingdom authority and kingdom power.  Carl explains how kingdom power is related to our inheritance as a child of God and kingdom authority to our identity as sons and daughters of God.  It is through Jesus that we regain both kingdom authority and power.  Carl encourages us to take a hold of our inheritance, as it is there for the taking!  However not merely for our own blessing but for a hurting world that needs to see the love, mercy, compassion and power of our God.

Open File  (MP3 - 39.8 MB, 43:33 mins)

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