Learning To Stand


Delve into the relationship between the spiritual and natural realms and the resulting impact upon our ability to stand.

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Product Description

By Sharon Tromp and Debbie McCabe

This ebook Ministry Manual delves into the relationship between the spiritual and natural realms and the resulting impact upon our ability to stand.  We go back to the beginnings in Genesis to see what God established in the Garden Of Eden.  We look at the choices Adam and Eve made and how that still impacts our ability to stand today.  We all begin our Christian life as baby Christians.  As we grow and mature in Christ, we slowly but surely learn how to stand more sturdily and for longer.  In the beginning we wobble a lot just like toddlers learning to stand.  We fall often but learn to get up again and practice standing once more.  As our confidence in Christ grows, so our ability to stand grows too.  Each session offers teaching, demonstration and practice in meeting with Jesus. 

This Ministry Manual consists of 9 sessions.  It is 69 pages long.

Session 1 is available for previewing.

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