House Of Hope Orphanage

The House of Hope is an orphanage ministry on the Thai/Burma border. It was started in 1999. It ministers to children from Burma displaced to Thailand. Though it started out as a refuge for boys at risk of being recruited as soldiers in Burma's long running civil war, it is currently co-ed. We accept children from hardship, orphaned , abused and neglected backgrounds. We currently have 29 children. Our vision is to give our kids a relationship with Jesus, a good education (with appropriate life skills training) and to develop in them a good work ethic with a heart for others and their world. While the House of Hope is their home our kids go to public school. When the kids come from Burma the Thai system does accept them but they need to start from grade 1 and work themselves through the grades. This makes them a little older by the time they get to grade 9. For grade 10 we try to get them into a vocational school to pursue a trade of their chosing. To complement what they learn in school, our kids have morning and afterschool chores among which they rotate over a 7 day period. We give them extra classes in English and Computers. For the future we hope to pursue a few small business ventures which will give them business skills and ideas they can use when they leave the House of Hope. Our desire is that when they leave the House of Hope they bring glory to God by being not being a burden but instead by being meaningful contributors to society.


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